Glee, S3 Ep1 – The Purple Piano Project


Looks like someone invaded Kurt & Rachel's wardrobes.

Down in Dayton, Kurt and Rachel are in for a bit of a wake-up call when they enter the NYADA function to find it’s full of people who look a hell of a lot like them.  Only these people have “credits” and can tap dance.  They’re lead by Harmony, played by the first of The Glee Project kids, Lindsay Pearce, in a dress that is just not flattering at all on her.  Also, Gavroche has no ass.  And am I the only one who took his pause after saying “As my future husband” and before he added “Robert Pattinson” badly?  He was holding Kurt’s hand.  I thought he was trying to say Kurt was his future husband and was all “Hell to the No.”  It was a tense couple seconds.  The group’s performance of a mash up of “Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do” is fantastic, and needless to say Kurt and Rachel are a little worried.

Cut to them in Rachel’s car (apparently Chevy have renewed their sponsorship) weeping copiously as all their dreams shatter around them.  Ok, c’mon you two.  It was never going to be as easy as you thought, no.  But you are both awesome and fierce and it’s time to buck up and fight for what you want.  Kurt is very good at the pep talk after Rachel goes hysterical and says they’re going to end up doing local theatre after they move to some no-name town and change their names.  Rachel just kind of says, “Oh you’ll do it too.”  So she may be a friend to him now, but she’s still not good with actually being much of a friend.  Good to know.  Also, sexy Chris Colfer lower octave voice from the crying.  I love his voice in any register, but the lower octave is definitely sexy because we don’t get to hear it very often.  I’ll bet Blaine’s heard it though.  Ahem.

It really is a great scene for these characters.  To see how far they’ve come in the last two years, from hating each other and fighting over a boy, to this determination to support each other as they strive to make their dreams come true.  I may not ship Hummelberry romantically, but I am definitely a fan of their friendship and can’t wait to see more of it.  Also, gay high five.  Is that a thing?  I didn’t know that was a thing.  I kind of love it.

I think I’m developing a phobia of alarm clocks.  Damn you Wemma.  I can’t help but notice that apparently they switch sides of the bed?  That seems weird to me.  Will attempts to let Sugar down nicely, but she can’t accept that she’s not fabulous, so he has to be a bit blunt with her.  She tells him off, and everything she says is so true, only she’s not blaming it on Asperger’s this time.  Things just get worse for Will when he finds out his plan to destroy Sue backfired and she’s gone up in the polls since his glitter-bombing film went up.  Whoops.


Blaine in the Choir Room

Meet ND's newest member.

Blaine in the choir room!  Something we’ve been waiting for since Ryan Murphy originally intimated Blaine might transfer back in April.  He’s adorably goofy in his speech to the group, and even takes it in stride that the other boys (besides Kurt of course) seem less than thrilled at his arrival.  Finn, playing the hypocrite today, is concerned that Blaine will be a “ball hog.”  Um, Finn, you and Rachel get nearly all the solos.  Stop taking it out on Blaine that you’re insecure and afraid you don’t know what to do with your life.  It’s not his fault he has 10x the talent and charisma.  I love the bit of attitude Blaine throws back at him with his “did I do something wrong?”  No, honey.  Finn’s just an ass.  The other boys seem more concerned with the destruction of the piano, which Will quickly points out was actually Santana and the Cheerios.  Was Will even there?  And yet he somehow knows this, but the boys are blaming it entirely on Blaine, who was clearly just as stunned as the rest of ND when the piano went up in flames.

Of course now is when Will chooses to make his episodic bid for the “Worst Teacher on Television” Award, and calls Santana on her duplicity and kicks her out of the club.  Something which really should have been done in private and not in front of the whole of ND.  Blaine, Kurt & Brittany at least look uncomfortable in the situation. You have to feel for Kurt who is probably horrified that this is Blaine’s first experience in the group.  Jealousy and unprofessionalism 2 minutes in.  He’d better get used to it.

You Can't Stop The Beat

Gotta love the mid-dance shots

Time to head back into expositionland.  In their attempt to get some more credits and extra-curriculars, Rachel has apparently decided the school musical this year should be West Side Story (Ooh, can we revisit the Tina v. Rachel storyline from Season 1 here please?), and Kurt is going to run for Student Council.

The final performance of the episode is a group number of “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray, done all in purple with all three pianos around them.  At least one survived in tact, though it might still have some rotting vegetables in it.  The best part of these numbers is always the fun observances.

– Finn looking blank as he listens to his girlfriend sing, while Kurt looks on adoringly

– Everyone gets a really horrible close-up in which they’re either cross-eyed, or it’s just a really bad angle

– “Two hearts in love to stay” – focused on Kurt and then Blaine

– Blaine’s cartwheel

– Kurt tripping as he goes to jump on the piano at the very end

Next week there’s auditions for the school musical, Shelby comes back, and Sue’s campaign of terror continues!

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