Glee, S3 Ep1 – The Purple Piano Project

Bad Girl Quinn

I don't think Kurt gave Quinn that makeover.

Quinn’s not so MIA anymore, but she is apparently in rebellion mode.  I gotta say, pink hair looks good on Dianna Agron.  I actually might like it better than her usually goody-two-shoes look (though the Ryan Seacrest tramp stamp needs to go).  Her voice also dropped an octave, which is hella sexy.  In another desperate bid to try and address continuity, Santana explains that she and Brittany are back on the Cheerios so they can win two National Championships during their senior year.  I can believe that Brittany would be dumb enough to forget Coach Sylvester’s basically trying to kill her for a National title, but isn’t Santana supposed to love her?  Shouldn’t she be at least slightly concerned about what the Coach might try and do now?  That’s really putting too much faith in the writers though, which is something they’ve continually proven they don’t really deserve.

Meet the Skanks.  Three girls, plus Quinn, who like to do stupid things in an attempt to appear cool.  Every high school has ’em.  Rachel is actually brave enough to approach Quinn in this element to try and get her to come back to ND, and Quinn is clearly conflicted.  She doesn’t even take the ten bucks offered to her by one of her “friends” to be allowed to beat Rachel up.  If that doesn’t say “I’m not sure about this whole thing”, then I don’t know what does.

Sue’s launching her new attack on the arts on her local news broadcast segment and oh godnot Wemma in bed again.  Make the horror stop, please.  Think of the children.  Will’s so worried about getting laid he doesn’t even hear it when Sue calls him out personally.  Her campaign is now based on refusing all money for Arts funding in public schools until kids read at or above grade level.  Which might make sense if it weren’t for the fact that the Arts are better for inspiring and encouraging children than oh, let’s say, cheerleading?  Of course, if the Republicans can manage to convince half of America that teachers are rich and evil and deserve to lose all their benefits, then I’m pretty sure you can convince that same half that the sky is purple if you really wanted to.  Ahem.  Time to get off that soapbox again.

And it’s time for the first commercial break!  Yes, all that happened before we even got a commercial.  Damn.  I’m already exhausted and there’s 30 minutes to go.

I’m not quite sure what Principal Figgins has to do with Sue’s anti-arts campaign, but for some reason Will’s barging into his office to say Sue can’t do this.  I mean yes, obviously it’ll affect the school should she be elected and refuse arts funding, but it’s not up to Figgins if she gets elected, or even if she gets to run.  And now Will’s talking about sex again, which apparently he is getting none of, and I’m tuned out of this whole scene.

Santana and Becky Johnson are going to be co-captains of the Cheerios this year, and neither of them are happy about it.  But Santana’s definitely on board with whatever Coach Sylvester has going on in her latest bid to destroy ND, and it’s not like we haven’t done this story before, so I’m sure that’ll go well.  ::sigh::

Dancing on Tables

Exotic Dancing

ND seems to have found the way to get the attention of the student body(even after being completely ignored last year), by dancing on the tables during lunch.  It works, they get the attention, just not really the attention they were going for.  After a very fun rendition of The GoGo’s “We Got The Beat,” the group are pelted with food.  Best reaction hands down goes to Kurt’s sliding along on the floor with a lunch tray as a shield.  Second place is Brittany who at least starts throwing food back at people.  Everyone else just kind of stands there awkwardly taking it.

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