Glee, S3 Ep1 – The Purple Piano Project

Me and My Hag

Kurt's adding to his pamphlet collection.

Miss Pillsbury hands out what might be her best pamphlet yet when Rachel and Kurt are in her office and say they have an announcement to make.  Making the observation that that was the only dating combination that hadn’t been explored in ND yet, she hands them a pamphlet called “Me and My Hag.”  They may be ridiculous when it comes to continuity and any kind of character development, but man those writers come up with some good one liners.  When it’s not connected to Will’s dick at least.  ::shudder::  Of course these two are happily in other relationships and not crazy, so what they’re really there to talk to her about is Julliard.  Unfortunately, they haven’t done their research about the school they have such high hopes for, and find that it doesn’t have a department for the dramatic arts.  Emma seems at first to be talking them out of their crazy dreams of NYC by suggesting a local college, but then suggests the (made-up) school of the New York Academy Of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA) which is basically the Glee version of Julliard, with Musicals.  There’s even conveniently a local mixer happening at the Dayton Doubletree that Emma just happens to know about off the top of her head!  It’s meant to be!  Btw, I just noticed Emma doesn’t have a computer in her office.  That’s just…weird.

Picking up on the storyline dropped in during the last five minutes of last season’s finale, Sue Sylvester is apparently still dead set on her run for Congress.  She’d fit right in with pretty much everyone in Congress at this point, because it’s not like anyone in the House actually gives a damn about the job they’re supposed to be doing these days, just about getting ahead and whatever’s best for them.  Even more than usual politicians. /soapbox.

Piano 1 Bites It

One piano down, two to go.

Of course, it looks like the campaign isn’t going so well as she’s behind a rapist running from jail and “I don’t care please don’t call me during dinner.”  She’s just now realized that politics is about blaming someone else and taking things away from other people.  And who does Sue love to destroy most of all?!  At least the writers actually tried to keep some continuity by having Sue talk about how she’s been so nice to the kids in ND because they helped her out for her sister’s funeral.  But apparently that good deed is past its best by date, and she’s done being the nice guy.  One purple piano down, two more to go!

KLAINE!  LIMA BEAN!  So this is already the best part of the episode.  Sorry, but those boys make everything better.   Apparently Kurt has spent the summer trying to convince Blaine to transfer to McKinley, because this show is about New Directions, not the Warblers (even though I’d so watch that show).  That said, Darren Criss and this relationship are a huge draw, and so they had to find a way to keep Blaine on the show as much as possible.  We all knew this would probably be coming, and for the longest time I really wanted there to be a better story behind it than just their wanting to be together, but I’m kind of over that now.  My husband moved to a different country for me; transfering schools is so not that big a deal.  And yes, they’re teenagers and maybe it’s unrealistic to believe in teenage love lasting, but it’s not unheard of and so I don’t mind if them wanting to be together is their only reason for wanting Blaine to switch schools.

Holding HandsThe great thing about this scene is how comfortable they both are.  Colfer and Criss play this scene perfectly.  You really see the change in their relationship between when we last saw them in the finale and now, three months later.  They’ve gotten past the whole awkward phase of trying to figure out what you’re supposed to act like together, and now they’re just comfortable and flirty.  Also, Kurt says Blaine doesn’t like it when Kurt wins.  I don’t know what we’re meant to take that to mean, because we haven’t seen anything this could be referring to, but somehow I don’t think they’re talking about playing Monopoly.  If Blaine got Kurt out of the “Baby Penguin” phase and we didn’t get to see it?  There’s going to be some angry fangirls out there.

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