Ringer, S1E1 — Pilot


She’s telling the others in the circle that this is the hardest thing she’s ever done, and that it seems like she’s always cleaning up messes and getting dirty again. She didn’t mean for any of this to happen. She lost someone who meant everything to her. “I just got her back, and I lost her again.” She hopes that once things settle down, she can go back to her normal life. Huh. Seems unlikely to me, dearie.

When Bridget gets back to the apartment, there are sounds inside that indicate a guy and a girl are getting busy. She comes around the corner, and we see a young brunette and a blindfolded naked guy on the bed. “Juliet?!” Bridget says.

Juliet wants ‘Siobhan’ out of the room, but Bridget is more concerned with the fact that the guy’s blindfold is a scarf of hers. Has Juliet been digging through her dresser drawers? But a quick check reveals that the gun is still there. Bridget puts it in her purse. Probably a slightly better place for it.

Juliet and her boy toy get dressed, and he departs. Juliet snipes at Bridget, and Bridget tries to apologize and say she wasn’t expecting to see her (fake) stepdaughter. Juliet whines that she shouldn’t have to be in boarding school anyway, that the only reason “Daddy” sent her there was because of Siobhan. Evil stepmother, then? And the soapiness increases.


Machado might just be the most unobservant Police Officer ever.

The phone rings. Juliet answers it, tells Bridget that some guy is coming up to see her, and stomps off. The elevator opens to reveal … FBI Agent Victor Machado! Bridget does a really terrible job of not looking terrified that her cover’s been blown. But perhaps Machado is distracted by the ritziness of her surroundings, because he doesn’t seem to notice her fear, and she does eventually manage to look calmer. Machado introduces himself and shows her his badge. Bridget introduces herself as Siobhan Martin. “How can I help you?”

Machado and Bridget talk about Bridget at a bench in a park. Bridget says she assumes Machado wouldn’t have come all the way out here if ‘her sister’ were in trouble for jaywalking, to which Machado says she and her sister clearly have the same sarcastic attitude. When he informs her that Bridget is a fugitive who assaulted a police officer and stole his weapon, Bridget says firmly, “Bridget wouldn’t do that.” This has caused speculation that it might not actually have been her who took Jimmy’s gun. This is an interesting theory, to be sure.

“You sound pretty confident, and yet you’re not close?” Machado points out.

“We’re twins,” Bridget says, as if that’s all that needs to be said. As an identical twin myself, I sort of agree — unless she’s saying that she’d just “know” if her sister had done those things, because no. No psychic connections between twins. I will hunt the writers down and smack them repeatedly if they go that direction.

Machado continues to inform ‘Siobhan’ that her sister is the only witness to a murder, that the charges against her of prostitution and possession were dropped in exchange for her testimony, but now that she’s gone, she’s in danger from the man she was going to testify against. “She’s facing arrest — or worse. Either way, she’s not going to get far,” he finishes. Bridget looks upset.

Back in Wyoming, Malcolm is walking down the steps of a plaza of some kind. He’s being watched by the crime lord himself, Bodaway Macawi. Uh oh. Poor Malcolm.

Nighttime in NYC. Bridget goes to the Martins’ loft that’s under construction and hides Jimmy’s gun in some newspapers — newspapers that contain a story about a 63-year-old woman’s body washing ashore in Long Island.

Bridget in the loft with the gun

Bridget prepares to hide Jimmy's gun in another very secure location.

Bridget looks freaked out by this. I’m not sure of the relevance of this story, unless it’s just that Bridget is wondering if Siobhan’s body is going to wash ashore soon. Then she’s startled by Gemma, who has just arrived at the loft as well. Gemma is just as surprised to see ‘Siobhan’ there so late, but she accepts her excuse that she just wanted to check on the progress of things.

Gemma sighs that if it weren’t for this pain-in-the-ass renovation, she’d be obsessing about her husband’s affair. Bridget tries for sympathetic as she asks if Gemma has any idea who Henry is sleeping with. Gemma says she’s gone through the list of usual suspects. No one seems to fit, although the wife’s best friend…

Once again, Bridget does a pretty awful job of hiding her fear, but Gemma just says, “I’m joking! Come on, you’re so not his type.” Bridget laughs painfully.

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