Doctor Who, S1 Ep8 – Father’s Day

Demony Thing

I have to admit that I watched this episode twice. The first time, I watched it right after the previous episode, which was so horrid that it obviously colored my perception of this one. Originally, I wrote that this episode was yet another one in which Rose makes a horrible mistake, and The Doctor makes it all better. Upon second viewing, however, I see this in a much different light and have to admit that I shed a few tears at the end.

Rose still makes a horrible mistake, but I am much more forgiving given the circumstances. After all, who wouldn’t want to try and save a loved one if they had the chance?

The opening scene is that of a very young Rose and her mother, Jackie, looking through a photo album at pictures of Pete, Rose’s father. Jackie tells the story of how he died by hit-and-run on his way to a wedding, and how he had no one with him when he passed away. The scene immediately cuts to Rose asking The Doctor if they could go to November 7th, 1987, so that Rose could comfort her father as he dies. The Doctor agrees, but when they get there, Rose can’t do it. She asks to try again, and for some reason, The Doctor allows it.

The Doctor does say that it is a very bad idea for both sets of them to be there at the same time together. He makes it clear that Rose will have to wait until the previous set of them goes off before she can go and comfort her father. Instead, Rose runs in front of the previous them, grabs her father before the car hits him, and saves him.

The facial expression of The Doctor makes it clear that he is pissed. The fact that he doesn’t speak to Rose for the next few minutes tells us that he is very pissed.

Rose and The Doctor proceed to have a ‘lovers’ spat’ that gives us this great line: “I did it again, I picked another stupid ape.” Rose is adamant that her father’s life doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the world, and The Doctor argues that ordinary men are the most important. The Doctor demands Rose’s TARDIS key back, and they split with The Doctor going back to the TARDIS and Rose going with her father to the wedding.

Run, Doctor, Run!Of course, there are always consequences when messing with time, so as expected, weirdness begins. The viewer gets an aerial point of view that is colored red and comes with screechy music that is a definite relative of the infamous Psycho music. It is an obvious clue that whatever is watching the world and The Doctor is dangerous and potentially evil. The red POV follows The Doctor to the TARDIS, and when The Doctor puts his key in, the TARDIS is empty. He immediately yells Rose’s name and takes off running toward the church.

Meanwhile, Rose and her father are in the car listening to music (Rick Astley! For a moment, I thought I had been rickrolled), and when the music changes, Rose makes a comment that the song shouldn’t have been out yet. Then she tries to use her cell phone, and it only repeats a phrase over and over. (Later, the viewer finds out that all phones are repeating this phrase, and The Doctor recognizes it as the first phone call.)  While driving together, Pete almost gets in another accident when the car that was originally supposed to hit and kill him appears in front of them and then disappears quickly. Rose makes the mistake of yelling out “Dad!”

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