Merlin – Series 1

Episode 12:  To Kill the King

The thing about this episode is that, while it’s kinda boring, you really can’t skip it because it’s got butt-loads of plot and character development.  Or you could just read this recap and go on from there, because I’m going to tell you all the plot and character development.  You know.

Creepy?So there’s Gwen’s dad (you know, the dude who almost died of the plague or whatever from the Afanc/crap monster alien thing), and he’s helping some guy try to make gold.  With magic.  Like, okay, not to disparage Gwen’s parentage or anything, but that’s really dumb.  You are totally going to get busted, dude.  And he does.  Morgana, who is Gwen’s boss and good friend, begs for his release, but ends up getting her ass tossed in the dungeon and then, when she gives Gwen’s dad the key so he can escape, gets him killed by the guards.  She’s had it about up to her drag queen wig with Uther’s dictatorship, so she plans to kill him.  Merlin takes out all the assassins along the way, but Uther unwittingly thwarts the plan by apologizing to Morgana and admitting he was wrong.  Because, you see, he loves Morgana like a daughter, and he only wants her happiness, even though he occasionally has to throw her in the dungeons to show who’s boss.  There’s a lot of uncomfortable May/December romance going on in this episode and it makes us wish the show wasn’t a family drama so they could go there with that, but sadly, they’re just like “Oh, let’s make up and stop trying to kill each other and have a nice picnic.”

Episode 13:  Le Morte d’Arthur

Spoiler:  he doesn’t really die.  But Merlin totally does.

They're best friends.  Totally best friendsWhile off hunting somewhere, Arthur and Merlin and their band of redcapes encounter the Questing Beast.  Anybody who gets bitten by the Questing Beast is definitely a dead man, so of course Arthur tries to kill it and gets bitten.  Merlin asks the dragon how to fix it, and discovers that he has to go to the Isle of the Blessed and ask for a favor from Nimueh.  You know, the lady who hates him and wants Arthur dead.  Awkward.

He goes off anyway, and she gives him a tiny horn flask thing full of rain water which will heal Arthur, although she warns him that a sacrifice will have to be made.  Merlin’s all “Yeah, yeah, gotta be home in time for the game, bye.”  He gives Arthur the water, but oh snap— guess who shows up on Merlin’s doorstep about to die of the plague?  His mom.  Yeah.  So Merlin goes off to the Isle again with the intention of offering himself up as his mother’s replacement, but before he can go, Gaius goes instead.  One thing we’ve learned about Gaius so far is that he’s a bit of a coward.  He knows how to do magic, but he stopped using it at Uther’s request, and helped Uther to send many magic-users to their deaths.  For Merlin, he wants to sacrifice himself and pay for his sins.

POOF BE GONEMerlin goes after him, but Gaius is either dead or nearly dead by the time he gets there, and Merlin tries to kill Nimueh.  She laughs in his face and shoots a fireball at his chest.  Which kills him.  But he comes around, gets up, and uses one of her own tricks against her, drawing lightning down from the sky and blowing her up.  The Merlin writers really like to have Merlin blowing up sorceresses.  We suspect they were turned down for dates by girls named Sofia and Nimueh.

So Arthur lives, Gaius lives, Merlin’s mother lives, and everything is grand and life is beautiful.  Except for the dragon, who’s still locked under the castle, and who is super pissed when he finds out Nimueh’s dead.  The season ends on Morgana waking up from a nightmare of the dragon howling Merlin’s name.

Merrrrrrlin  *swishy-clang*

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