Merlin – Series 1

Episode 8:  Beginning of the End

A Deadly DuoWe haven’t mentioned Morgana much until this point, because this is what happens to Morgana:  she has a vision in her nightmares, she goes to Gaius, Gaius tells her to be a good little girl and not worry, then drugs the hell out of her so she won’t suspect she’s magic.  It makes us want to find Gaius and smack the wig off of him.

But this episode she gets to be a little more proactive.  At the beginning there’s a dude and a little boy running away from the guards.  The dude doesn’t make it and the little boy is badly injured, and while he’s hiding, Merlin sees him and realizes the little boy is magic.  So he hides him in Morgana’s room.  Morgana feels a deep connection to the little boy and keeps him safe at her own peril.

Unfortunately, Merlin talks to the dragon and the dragon tells him the little boy is eventually going to kill Arthur.  Merlin tries to let the kid die, but he can’t, and actually he and Morgana enlist Arthur’s help to get the kid out of Camelot and to his druid family.  Arthur finally asks what his name is, and the little boy, who hasn’t said anything aloud the entire episode (although he thanks Merlin telepathically and calls him Emrys, which is what the druids call him),  says, “Mordred.  My name is Mordred.”

We admit, we already knew the creepy little kid was Mordred, and it still made us shiver.

Episode 9:  Excalibur

Black KnightBefore you get all “Yay Excalibur!” we have to crush your dreams for a second.  Arthur doesn’t get Excalibur.  He doesn’t even get to touch it.  But don’t cry, little viewer, this episode is pretty awesome anyway, because:  BLACK KNIGHT.

Okay, that sounded way more epic in our heads, probably because the Black Knight most people think of is from Monty Python.  This Black Knight is way more awesome.  He crashes the party when Arthur’s getting…we don’t actually know what’s happening at this party.  It seems like he’s being officially crowned Prince of Camelot, but he was already Prince of Camelot and had a crown and everything.  But maybe they just needed to put a ring on it, as it were.  So Prince Arthur’s getting more princely, and this knight jumps through a window, much to the relief of the party guests who were wondering what kind of gift you give to the Prince of Camelot.  He throws down his gauntlet, and Arthur almost goes to pick it up, but some other poor bastard does it instead.  The next day, they fight, and no more poor bastard.

As might be suspected, the Black Knight is totally a zombie.  He’s Uther’s dead wife Ygraine’s dead brother, and Nimueh is using him to try to kill Uther.  Thankfully Nimueh does more than smile a lot in this episode, and we learn a few important things:  Nimueh used to be friends with Uther and Ygraine.  Ygraine couldn’t have babies, so Uther went to Nimueh to ask for some magical assistance.  We don’t know if Ygraine was involved in this plan, but you can’t just go around magically creating babies without repercussions, so in order for Arthur to be born, Ygraine had to die.  Nimueh says she didn’t know Ygraine would be the consequence, but Uther ain’t even listening to this stranger bitch and continues on with murdering magic people because all magic must be DEAD.  Like his dead wife.

The Black Knight continues to pick off various knights of Camelot, whom I shall henceforth refer to as “red capes” for the similarity of their lifespans to the red-shirts of Star Trek, until finally Arthur picks up the gauntlet.  But Uther finds some kickassery buried deep inside him and drugs Arthur and locks him in his room, then goes off to fight the Black Knight himself.  Meanwhile, Merlin goes to the dragon and asks for a weapon to defeat the living dead.  The dragon makes Merlin promise no one will ever use the weapon except for Arthur, but Uther catches Merlin fondling the sword in the armory and wants to use it.  Arthur’s sword is, after all, the best.  He uses it, defeats the Black Knight, and the dragon is pissed.  He tells Merlin to throw the weapon out where no one will ever find it.  So Merlin goes to the lake where the fairies hang out, and throws it way out into the water.

As you might imagine, this will come up again.

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