Merlin – Series 1

Episode 6:  Remedy for All Ills

We are not even going to lie, we barely made it through this episode the first time and there’s no way we’re watching it again.  It wasn’t exactly thrilling, although it picked up toward the end.  So, you know, do your laundry or something during the first 30 minutes.

No, he's not creepy at allEdwin is a not-at-all-dubious physician who shows up at the court just as the Lady Morgana is having some health problems.  And by “health problems” I mean a bug crawled into her ear while she was sleeping and started eating her brain.  It was Edwin’s bug, in case you didn’t figure that out.  Gaius can’t cure her, but Edwin does, prompting Uther to decide he definitely trusts this new stranger person and it’s time for Gaius to be put out to pasture.  But it turns out Edwin, whose face is badly scarred, is the child of two sorcerers Uther put to death by fire.  He tried to save them and that was how he was scarred.  You’d think Uther would remember something like that.  I guess after you’ve executed your hundredth person they all start to blend together.

So Edwin gives Uther his nightly potion and, of course, it’s poison.  Uther is paralyzed and Edwin puts one of those brain-eating bugs on him.  In comes Merlin to save the day.  Well, we assume that’s what happened because we were watching from behind the couch.  Brain-eating bugs, man.

Why, you ask, doesn’t Merlin just let Uther die so Arthur can take over the kingdom and be awesome?  Apparently he’s not ready.  Prepare yourself for this, because Uther’s going to almost die a lot of times and Arthur will still not be ready.

Episode 7:  Gates of Avalon

In Episode 6, Merlin shows us that he’s willing to stick an axe in a dude’s head to protect himself.  In this episode, he shows what happens if you try to hurt Arthur:  you will get blown the hell up with your own sidhe staff.

Merlin to the rescueBut we digress.  There are two fairies, a father and a daughter, who were kicked out of the fairy world.  To get back in, they have to kill a prince in the lake where all the fairies hang out.  So Sofia and her dad come to Camelot and put the sex-whammy on Arthur.  Eventually Sofia leads him to the lake and is in the middle of drowning him when Merlin interrupts and, as previously mentioned, blows her and her dad the hell up, then rescues the drowning Arthur.  Luckily, Arthur doesn’t remember any of this afterward, because then he might have wondered why Merlin was giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for like twenty minutes when he was breathing just fine.

One of the interesting things about this episode is that it’s another indication of Merlin’s immortality.  He dies in “Poisoned Chalice,” but it’s possible he was rescued at the last moment by the flower-potion thing.  It’s pretty ambiguous.  But when people get hit by the sidhe staff, they die.  Merlin gets hit by it while Sofia’s escaping with Arthur, and he either doesn’t die, or he dies and comes back to life.  Immortality.  So hot right now.

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