The Glee Project Winner(s) – Glee’s Cast Is About To Get Even Bigger

The Glee Project Finalists

Last night we finally got to find out what Ryan Murphy’s been talking about when he told everyone who would listen that we were all going to be very surprised at the winner of The Glee Project.  The surprise ended up not being who did win, but who didn’t, because last night everyone was a winner!  Yep, the final four were not whittled down to one, as you would expect from every example that’s ever happened on a reality television program.  Instead, we get two performers getting the 7 episode story arcs promised to the winner of the program (Damian McGinty, Jr. and Samuel Larsen), and the consolation prize for our two “losers” (Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell)  is a two episode story arc.  Really, the only losers for this program were the other 8 people who didn’t make it to the final episode.

Thing is, was anyone really surprised by this?  I’ll admit, I only watched a handful of episodes, but I pretty much expected this from the get go.  At the very least, we heard a good portion of the cast we already know and love will be “graduating,” and therefore, leaving the New Directions.  They need new cast members, and so why not get them from the cast you’ve already had weeks to watch and can therefore plan characters for?  I was so not surprised. I’m still expecting both Hannah Mclalwain and Cameron Mitchell to make appearances at some point as well.

The Glee Project Finalists

But is this a good thing?  The Creators screwed up royally when they: A), made nearly everyone the same age on the show; and B,) didn’t add enough new characters to change the dynamic in the second season–there’s no denying that.  So yes, if we’re losing a large chunk of the cast (we know four for sure, but expect more to come), and they want this show to continue past season 3, there is no denying that there is a desperate need for new characters.  Problem is, we already have 14 students and 4 adult characters to follow, plus 2 new characters already confirmed on top of these latest additions.  To say the show is getting a little cluttered is an understatement.  How do the writers do justice for that many characters?

The writers have their work cut out for them, that’s for sure.  One can only hope the doubling of the writing team, as well as the addition of Marti Noxon (famous for her work on Joss Whedon’s projects among others) will help to even out the issues that arose during season 2, and balance the characters’ stories so everyone gets a chance to shine.