Comic Con Giveaway #3 – Game of Thrones promotional package – COMPLETE

Game of Thrones Giveaway

Game of Thrones PackWhen you leave the San Diego Comic Con, you often leave with a whole lot of Swag.  Instead of hording it all, we’ve decided to pass some of the goods onto you guys.  So watch this space for the next few weeks as we’ve got items from Glee, ChuckRingerPsych, and the Harry Potter Lego Video games, along with much more.

Our third giveaway is the promotional pack that was given out at the Game of Thrones panel.  It’s a plastic drawstring backpack w/ the logo & phrase “You Win or You Die” printed on it, and inside it has the following:  a Golden Yellow/Orangeish Large T-shirt with the Sigil from the House of Baratheon as well as their motto “Ours is the Fury” on it, a paperback copy of the novel, and a mousepad/microfiber screen cleaner/laptop screen protector with the map from the novels on it.

We’re going to change the rules slightly this time, to make sure this definitely goes to a real fan.  This time around, you are NOT automatically entered just by having liked us on Facebook or followed us on Twitter.  You must have done at least one of those two things, but you must ALSO either leave us a comment here or email us at to officially enter the giveaway.  We’re also running this one a bit longer, giving you until 5pm PST on Tuesday, August 9th to enter when we’ll randomly select a winner.*  Open to participants worldwide.


ETA: WINNER will be notified via email shortly.  Thanks to all our entrants!


* Sorry guys, but anyone who works for the site, and their immediate family, are not eligible.