Life on Mars – S2 Ep3

Welcome to Britain:

I’d actually thought the Kit Kat bar might have been an anachronism, as I didn’t remember them in the U.S. until maybe the mid-1970s.  Turns out they originated in the U.K., and had been sold there for decades before leaping across the pond.

Things to Watch for:

O’Brien gives a great speech at the end about how all the English think the Irish are good for is shoveling shit and making bombs … and he’s getting tired of shoveling shit.  And then a new immigrant  walks by carrying a TV, and you just know Gene questions him because he looks different.

Note what Sam says to Miller (the bomber) about Miller’s 10-year-old son.  He says that if Miller goes through with killing them all, the boy will never understand it and blame himself for it.  Is this more insight into why Sam let Vic go?  Did Sam grow up blaming himself for his father leaving them?  Did he know that he would have blamed himself even more if his father had done something worse?

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