Film News — Wednesday, 6th July, 2011

  • Christopher Plummer & Ewan McGregor, BeginnersCan you believe that Christopher Plummer has never won an Academy Award? Neither can we! But there’s chatter that it may be his year, with his turn in BeginnersThe LA Times has the story.
  • The reviews are starting to come in for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, and The Hollywood Reporter has a sampling.  Spoiler: They’re good!
  • Also from The Hollywood Reporter: What was that about the film studios turning their backs on Comic-Con? Looks like someone may have spoken too soon!
  • Dimension announces that they have picked up the rights to How To Defeat Your Own Clone. From Screen Rant.
  • Digital Spy has an exclusive trailer for Horrible Bosses, focusing on Kevin Spacey’s character. Totally psycho!