Doctor Who, S1 Ep 7 – The Long Game

Satellite 5

This episode should be the entitled “The One with Simon Pegg” because that is the only remarkable thing about it. I don’t know how the series can go from an emotionally charged, stunning episode like the previous and then follow it up with this drivel. Can you tell I’m a little disappointed in this?

ObliviousJoining  The Doctor and Rose on this journey is Adam from the previous episode who hitched a ride along in the TARDIS because Rose thought he was cute. The Doctor, for reasons unbeknownst to anyone, brings him along. They end up in the year 200,000 during the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire on a space station above Earth. After being shown Earth at its height with megacities and five moons, Adam promptly faints.

In the first few minutes, I can already see how this episode is going to be setting up the juxtaposition of Rose and Adam as companions to The Doctor. As with Mickey, who we saw in earlier episodes, Rose is going to be able to handle the extraordinary things and Adam is not.

Quickly, The Doctor realizes that something is wrong because the environment they find themselves in doesn’t match with his knowledge of history. He leaves Adam and Rose on ‘their first date’ and goes off to investigate. He meets two women, Suki and Cathica and finds out that he is on Satellite Five and that that the Satellite writes, produces, packages and sells the news. There is a nice little nod back to the second episode with The Face of Boe announcing his pregnancy on one of the channels. Ah, consistency. So nice to see.

The first glimpse of Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Star Trek, etc) is quick and had me tilting my head and wondering why he looks a bit like Mr. Freeze from the old Batman show. It is not until halfway through that we find out that his character is called The Editor which means for most of the time while watching I referred to him as Frozen Simon Pegg.

Back to Rose and Adam on their date and Rose makes her first (of many) mistakes in this episode. She allows Adam the use of her enhanced phone to call home. He slyly slips it into his pocket when she is not looking and from that moment the viewer knows that Adam is a sleaze-ball and up to no good.

CathicaThe group goes to see how the information streaming works under the guise of a management review. Cathica sits in a chair, snaps her fingers, and a hole in her forehead opens up to reveal her brain. There is more plot about information being controlled and exposition about the technology of the information streaming through a woman’s brain that is not necessary and boring. Then there are more shots of Adam looking sneaky and odd shots of Frozen Simon Pegg looking through security camera and jabbing his finger at a breach of security. At first, the viewer is made to believe that The Doctor, Rose or Adam will be the ones pulled for the breach but it is actually Suki, one of the women journalist people with a chip in her brain.

There is a scene where the ceiling starts to talk to Frozen Simon Pegg in a guttural voice and it is revealed that Mr. Freeze is not the brains of the news operation but someone above him, literally. Suki gets a false promotion to floor 500 where it is so cold it snows and gets attacked by the thing in the ceiling.

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