TV News — Thursday, 2nd June, 2011

  • IantoWere you one of those rabid fans who demanded Iantos return after he was killed off in Torchwood: Children of Earth?  Well you’ve finally gotten your wish.  Sort of.  Gareth David-Lloyd has confirmed on his personal Twitter account that he’ll be returning for a series of three radio dramas set to take place between Series 2 and COE.  Happy now?  From blastr.
  • And it’s confirmed, Eliza Dushku will be starring in the online animated motion-graphic spinoff series (try saying that five times fast) Torchwood: Web of Lies.  From blastr.
  • Digital Spy sit down with Nathaniel Parker to talk about his role in the fourth series of Merlin, airing this fall.
  • BBC One has comissioned a new four-part drama entitled, One Night, that will look at one apparently inconsequential event from four different characters perspectives and how it changes their lives.  From the BBC Press Office.
  • After weeks of rumors, it’s been confirmed that Jane Lynch will host this years Emmy Awards, airing 18th Sept.  This might just be the first time this writer makes a point to watch the awards show in years.  From Digital Spy. And the Hollywood Reporter tells us why this is awesome.
  • Karen Gillan teases some developments for her character in Saturday’s mid-series finale of Doctor Who.  From Digital Spy.
  • If you’re a Gavin & Stacey fan you shouldn’t hold your breath for a new special any time soon, James Corden says that though there’s been discussion of doing a Christmas Special, there just isn’t time in his schedule to write a really good episode.  And luckily for the fans, he isn’t willing to just pop out something mediocre.  From Digital Spy
  • TV Line have an exclusive look at Alphas, a new show from Syfy.
  • Alan Partridge might be heading back to the small screen, as The Guardian reports that Steve Coogan is in talks with several UK broadcasters about adapting his recent radio show for television.