TV News — Thursday, 26th May, 2011

  • AdamSFX have exclusive news on a familiar face returning to the world of Being Human (UK).
  • Blastr share 4 clips from the sixth episode of the sixth series of Doctor Who, airing in the UK this Saturday, and the US on the 4th of June.
  • Apparently some people have been worrying that Torchwood: Miracle Day was going to be a reboot of the story.  Russel T. Davies sits down with SFX to set them straight.
  • SFX review some of the pilots picked up for the fall.
  • In another move upping their game, BBC America have announced “Dramaville;” another of it’s destination hours of television.  Starting August 17th at 10pm, BBC programs such as The Hour, and the second series of Luther will fill this new time slot.
  • Chris Hardwick talks to the Hollywood Reporter about his deal with BBC America.
  • Following its success at the BAFTAs over the weekend, the BBC have announced some new dramas for BBCOne to air in 2010.
  • The BBC Press office have an interview with Jason Isaacs about his upcoming six-part program, Case Histories.
  • Radio 5 have get a sneak peek at the second series of Downton Abbey from Hugh Bonneville.