TV News — Tuesday, 24th May, 2011

  • The Winchesters all WesternTV Line have news on the path the Winchester boys will be taking in the 7th season of Supernatural in the fall.
  • SFX  have a trailer for Mischa Collins new web series, Divine.
  • Check out the “Pilot Graveyard” over at SFX, where they break down the genre shows we’ll likely never get to see.
  • Sir Ian McKellen’s very first television performance, thought to be long lost as a casualty of the BBC’s former policy of wiping tapes to be reused, has been discovered in a private collection in Illinois.  From the BBC.
  • Screen Rant tell us about new casting news on Aaron Sorkin’s next project.
  • Worth watching this weekend if you’re in the UK is In Love With Shakespeare, a program about the Bard and featuring some notable names performing their favorite monologues’ from the plays.  It’ll air on Sky Arts One on Saturday the 28th of May.