Music News — Tuesday, 24th May, 2011

  • New Order have released a previously unheard track in anticipation of their compilation Total: From Joy Division to New Order.  Head over to NME for a listen.
  • Weezer have covered The Cars classic “You Might Think” for Cars 2.  Check out a video of the recording session over at NME.
  • Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme talked to NME about the next Muse album.  Judging by what Matt Bellamy has presented them with so far, they’re expecting the album to be a little “softer.”  Not sure what that means, but this writer hopes the fact that they’ll be performing their second album, Origin of Symmetry, in it’s entirety at Reading and Leeds this year means they’ll go back a bit towards their earlier work.
  • PJ Harvey is hoping to expand her artistic output and add her paintings and prose to her already impressive musical releases.  From NME.
  • Florence Welch told NME that the follow up to her 2009 album Lungs will be about “Things that you can’t touch: ghosts and rumours, [her] dead grandmother, things visiting you in a dream.”
  • The Guardian have a handy guide to the festivals happening in Europe this summer.   Also known as “Let’s make the Yanks jealous.”
  • The new tracks from Arcade Fires‘ rerelease of their Grammy Award winning album The Suburbs have been leaked.  Take a listen over at The Guardian.
  • Vanity Fair have an interview with Arcade Monkeys frontman, Alex Turner.