Doctor Who, S1 Ep5 – World War Three


This is the second part of a two part episode involving The Doctor, Rose, Rose’s mother Jackie, Rose’s previous boyfriend Mickey, a backbencher named Harriet Jones and a family of aliens called the Slitheen.

Here’s a quick rundown from the previous episode:

  • Aliens have taken over Parliament.
  • All of the above mentioned characters are in mortal danger from said aliens.
  • The aliens are known as the Slitheen.
  • They fart a lot.

The action picks up right where the previous episode left off with The Doctor being a badass. He takes off his badge that is electrocuting him and puts it on the collar of the nearest Slitheen. All of the Slitheen start to convulse and it allows Rose and Harriet to escape from the alien that has cornered them in Downing Street and for Jackie and Mickey to escape from the apartment kitchen as well.

Then a rousing game of hide and seek commences.

SlitheenThe Slitheen chase Rose, Harriet and The Doctor all over Downing Street. The Slitheen move pretty quickly for as big as they are which is actually pretty big. They are around eight feet tall and they have much more mass than humans. They fit inside the human skins because of the compression collars that they wear but there is a glitch in the gas exchange and thus the fart jokes. The Slitheen are green and they have large claws on their hands. They also have big round eyes in little rectangular green faces that make them look almost babyish. They are not particularly scary looking but they are devious and have killed several people thus far. They move quickly, hunched, with their hands almost dragging so it’s an interesting chase to watch.

The Slitheen manage to corner the trio in the Cabinet Room. Through some quick thinking by The Doctor and some readily available alcohol, he threatens his way to some answers. The Slitheen are not a race but a family of aliens that run a business. They are looking to make a profit off of Earth in some way. The Doctor’s bluff quickly runs out and The Doctor locks himself and the two women inside the Cabinet Room through a safety measure installed in the room in 1991. They are stuck inside several inches of steel with no way out.

The Slitheen start to gather their family for a meeting at 10 Downing Street and a parade of overweight humans make their way inside. The fake Prime Minister makes an announcement that he will shortly be talking to the world.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Mickey have escaped back to his apartment. The two groups connect via Rose’s supercharged cell phone and begin the process of trying to figure out how to defeat the Slitheen. This sequence is mostly dialogue and little action but there is the heavy implication that Jackie makes toward The Doctor regarding Rose. She demands to know if Rose will be safe and The Doctor looks toward Rose with Jackie’s shrill voice in the background and cannot answer.

On the PhoneThe police officer Slitheen tracks Jackie and Mickey back to his apartment and with Mickey wielding a baseball bat in one hand, his phone pressed to his ear with the other, Rose, Harriet and The Doctor try to problem solve a way to incapacitating the Slitheen that is attempting to break down Mickey’s door. Both Harriet and Rose shout observations about the aliens to The Doctor and he narrows down their home planet. With that information he determines that they are living Calcium and are vulnerable to vinegar. Jackie and Mickey manage to defeat the Slitheen with a mixture of pickled eggs and gherkins. The alien explodes and leaves green jello all over Mickey’s wall.

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