Doctor Who, S6 Ep3 — The Curse of the Black Spot



They explore further to find just about the creepiest room imaginable… a big chamber with Rory, Toby, and the rest of the pirate crew unconscious on beds suspended from the ceiling.   The Siren is here, tending to the wounded as best she can… she’s not a demonic vengeful bitch as previously conjectured, but this ship’s version of the Emergency Medical Hologram from Star Trek: Voyager.   Basically, when she shows up singing, that’s her way of saying “please state the nature of the medical emergency.”  When she touches someone, she’s beaming them to Sickbay. She may not be as up-front about her diagnostic process as Robert Picardo, but at least she’s hotter.


The kiss of life.

Unfortunately, someone forgot to update her firmware, so she’s not able to heal the injured; just keep them in stasis indefinitely.  Amy signs a virtual consent form to release Rory back into their custody, and in a scene rather reminiscent of “The Abyss”, Rory wakes up long enough to teach Amy CPR before they unhook him from the alien whatsit and drag his waterlogged body into the TARDIS.  Despite being in a Time Lord ship that’s presumably equipped with some manner of medical facilities and being in the company of someone named “The Doctor”, Amy does things the hard way and performs the way-too-long TV/movie version of CPR that doesn’t seem to work and then suddenly does.  Rory’s place in next week’s opening credits is secured.

Beardybeard takes custody of the alien ship, his son and crew awakened, and they set out on a new voyage, plying the briny sea of stars.  Hopefully they don’t blow their first alien encounter with a bunch of raping and pillaging.  They are pirates, after all.

Before Amy and Rory go to bed, they once again lament having to keep the secret of The Doctor’s demise from him, just in case we still don’t get it (Note to producers: we do).  The Doctor does another pregger-scan and determines that Amy is still pregnant/not pregnant.  And then he worries.

Next week: Who’s Got Mail, little boxes, and Oodles of Ood!  Or maybe just the one.


Eye-patch Lady

She’s also missing an eyebrow.

Bottle shows (a term especially relevant to this week’s ship-centric outing) have a way of being light on the lingering questions, and there isn’t much new ground explored here.  However, we can at least glean via repetition which plot points the producers feel are more important than others.  Clearly, the Sword of Damocles that is The Doctor’s death continues to hover over Amy, Rory, and ourselves.  The uncertain nature of Amy’s pregnancy is still a sharp hook, and the woman with the eye patch continues to confound us with her nonsensical appearances and cryptic words.  Seeing her in two episodes back-to-back suggests that hers is a mystery that belongs to this series rather than the next; if not this is the most epic seeding of future storylines in the whole history of ever.

The conspicuous lettering on the Space Ambulance aliens’ armor does dangle a little bit of a carrot as to whether the “D.I.H.S.” (whatever that stands for) might come into play again later on, but that’s really just a shot in the dark. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes initials on a shoulder plate are just a neat bit of detail.  We’ll see.

Finally, while this isn’t really a lingering question as pertains specifically to this episode, it should be noted (at least in the eyes of this viewer) that the presence of River Song was sorely missed this week.  With her future and past so hopelessly intertwined with The Doctor’s and her character so prevalent in the previous two episodes, it’s amazing how easily we can envision the day when perhaps a younger River Song will supplant Amy and Rory (or whoever might follow) and become The Doctor’s official Companion.

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