Game of Thrones, S1 Ep2 — The Kingsroad

I started out writing a proper recap of this episode, but so much happens and the recap got so long that I was getting very late for getting it up in time for the third episode, and my poor typing fingers were beginning to hurt.  So, in a more summing up kind of a mood:  this episode mostly seemed to involve characters learning things they needed to know, but really didn’t want to have to, and one character learning something she really did want to know, and finding that knowing it makes her life that much better.

Ned learned that Robert really does want to kill all the Targaryens and that he would probably have been better off keeping his daughters at Winterfell, but that it’s too late now. Catelyn is sure she has learned that Bran was thrown from the tower and the Lannisters were involved.  She also learns that someone really doesn’t want him to wake up from his coma and that his direwolf is really, really loyal.

Jon doesn’t learn about his mother and is much calmer about that than I would be, but he does learn that the Night’s Watch is less of a noble brotherhood these days than a place where rapists and other criminals are sent as an alternative to castration or beheading. Nice.

Robb gets a bit more to say, and Rickon finally gets a name!  Hurrah.  The most learning is done by the Stark sisters, though.  Sansa learns that her dreams of being married to a handsome noble prince are just that — dreams — and that the royal family she’s going to marry into isn’t quite as honourable and true as she had believed.   She learns that she has to tread awfully carefully now, and that unfair things happen to good people (and good direwolves).   Arya learns that telling the truth and defending your friends is all very well in Winterfell, where the Lord is your father — a man of honesty and integrity — but it doesn’t go down too well with the Lannisters.

Tyrion may not know it for sure, but he suspects that his siblings have something to do with Bran’s fall.  What he’ll do with this hunch remains to be seen.

Danaerys, on the other hand, learns how to take a bit of control back into her marriage bed, that eye contact is fun, and that she doesn’t have to just lie there and take it. Good on her.

Viewers learn a bit more backstory about the Lannisters’ links with the throne, that Tyrion has another asset and that he exercises this one by reading a lot, that Joffrey takes after his mother in more than just hair colour, and that a life on horseback has done marvellous things to Khal Drogo’s rear end.  That is one fine, fine arse.

We still don’t learn the names of the bloke with the awesome sideburns/beard/pigtails facial hair combo, or the young guy in Winterfell who is neither Jon nor Robb, but as a freebie to make up for the lateness of this review I can confirm that Pigtails is Ser Rodrick Cassell, Winterfell’s Master-at-Arms, and the third lad seen last week messing about with the shaving and all is Theon Greyjoy, fostered at Winterfell.

I promise that next week’s review will happen a bit sooner than this one.  George RR Martin isn’t a fan of deadlines and I really must not let myself get that way too!