TV News – Friday, 29th April, 2011

  • BBC Worldwide have received permission from the BBC proper to change it’s global strategy in order to “focus it’s attention more firmly overseas.”  What this means is up to interpretation, but after having sold it’s 50% stake in the Discovery Channel here in the States, it seems likely that we’ll be seeing programs like Wonders of the Solar System and Planet Earth on BBCAmerica, and not The Discovery Channel in future.  What Discovery will air now that they can’t put their name on BBC productions is unknown.  From The Guardian.
  • In news that has nothing to do with a certain wedding, the BBC have opened a new competition for children to write a short Doctor Who script in their Script to Screen competition.  The winning script will be filmed with star Matt Smith and air during a future episode of Doctor Who Confidential.  Details at the BBC Press site.
  • SFX have a preview to the prequel of “The Curse of the Black Spot,” episode three of series six of Doctor Who.
  • They’ve also got an exclusive interview with Arthur Darvill, Rory, about this series and just how much he loves Cardiff.
  • John Simm talked to BBC Breakfast about his upcoming short series, Exile.  The program also stars Jim Broadbent as Simm’s father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.  Watch the video at BBC News.
  • Fans of Game of Thrones in the UK can enter a contest from HBOUK to win the Dragon Egg props used in the series.