TV News – 23rd April, 2011

Chuck TV Show

  • Chuck‘s ratings numbers continue to fall and it’s really starting to look like this will be the last season of this excellent program.  From blastr.
  • Fan favorite from Heroes, Masi Oka, is developing a new series for Syfy.  He’ll co-write and Executive produce The Correctors, which blastr describes as “Inceptiony.”
  • BBCAmerica has acquired the rights to air reruns of Battlestar Galactica.  One must assume their excuse is that it has a couple of British people in it.  It’s stretching it, but at least it has something…unlike The X-files which still makes no sense.  From Anglophenia.
  • First the series gets canceled, and now Syfy’s pulling its repeats of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles after only three weeks.  From TV By The Numbers.
  • Entertainment Weekly have an interview with Glee‘s Chris Colfer about his pilot for Disney and Kurt’s return to McKinley High.
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