Book News – Friday, 22nd April, 2011

  • Glee‘s Chris Colfer is developing his adaptation of Children’s book The Little Leftover Witch for The Disney Channel.  From US Weekly.
  • The BBC takes some flak for its treatment of genre fiction during last month’s World Book Nights program.  From Digital Spy.
  • A NY Times reviewer causes a bit of a backlash when she says that the hugely popular Songs of Fire and Ice series is for boys.  Why people can’t accept that many women enjoy science fiction and fantasy as well as men, I will never know.  From The Guardian.
  • Julie Andrews is adapting a Children’s book, written by her and her daughter, for the stage.  From Anglophenia.
  • HBO has acquired the rights to develop a half hour TV series from Pulitzer Prize winner, A Visit From The Goon Squad.  From The Hollywood Reporter