A bit of an Introduction

Welcome to With An Accent!

If you’ve read our “About” page, on that link up there that says “About,” you know that our goal is to promote all forms of foreign and domestic entertainment media.  There is far too much amazing work that isn’t receiving the attention it’s due, and we aim to do our part to rectify that.

Apart from simply introducing you to these shows, films, books, etc., we hope to get a dialogue going.  A discussion about the differences between the societies producing the content and the rest of the world.  In order to facilitate this cross-cultural discussion, we’re going with a slightly different angle to our coverage, offering up recaps, reviews, etc., with an outsider’s perspective.  You’ll get Brits covering American work, Yanks covering British work, and everything in between.

This site stems from personal experience.  When I’m passionate about something, I like to share it with as many people as possible, whether it’s by lending them my extra copy of Firefly, gifting people with the brilliant writing of Jasper Fforde, or playing an Athlete album when they are in the car with me.  Even after all this sharing, I can still find myself amongst genre fans and discover that half of them have never heard of Nightwatch or Daywatch, let alone seen them.  So the idea for With An Accent was born.

Of course, there’s no way I can do it alone.  I’ve been fortunate enough to find a group of people who are just as passionate about these works as I am, and just as eager to learn more.   Whether it be a book, or film, or even a new understanding of something you’ve discovered on your own, together, we here at Accent hope to help you find something new to explore.