The Return of the Peaky Blinders


Overall, I’d give this season a B-. In my opinion it’s the weakest season of the show, which is a shame because the cast give truly stellar performances. The characters were well-written but underused, the villain was interesting but poorly-realised, and a plot that could have brought Tommy Shelby full-circle was let down by shoddy pacing.

Nevertheless, I have hope that the show will rebound. After being plagued by visions of his wife imploring him to end his life and come to her, and various points throughout the show where Tommy almost did just that, the show ended with Tommy pulling the trigger on himself. Many around me think that he will succeed in killing himself – after all, the show is called Peaky Blinders, not The Story of Tommy Shelby, and despite having two kids and a wife, he seems not to hold these things as reasons to live for. Others point out that he is the most compelling character and the resulting power struggle may not be all that enjoyable to watch. Still another option is that the entire final scene itself was a hallucination – which I wouldn’t put past this show.

Whatever the case may be, the show has at least succeeded in making sure I’ll be watching whenever it comes back (and this is the BBC. Look at Sherlock. We could be waiting years).

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