Whatever Happened to “The Fastest Man Alive”?


The article that Jess, Tati and I wrote last year covers these topics and more – for example, the desire for more characters from The Flash mythos, the need for more female characters, and better villains. Those are all things that I agree with, but the problems I mentioned are more deeply-entrenched, and thus require more discussion. To be clear, I still think that list is valid, and not just because I adore the two women who wrote it with me.

As I mentioned, The Flash recently promoted Eric Wallace to head showrunner for the upcoming season. This gives me hope that, being a Black man, he will at least understand the problems I have highlighted about diversity. However, that is by far not the only problem the show faces. To recap:

  •      Barry Allen needs to be the star of his own show again – and that means letting him defeat his villains, letting him come up with his plans, and showing him as Barry Allen, not just The Flash.
  •      Likewise, Iris West-Allen should be allowed to have a personal arc that extends past one episode, rather than puttering along in fits and starts. You cannot accept points cookies for diversity if you don’t treat the characters well.
  •      Put the romance back into the show. There is no way West-Allen will conceive a child if they don’t actually go near each other. Barry is fast. He is not that fast.
  •      Side characters like Caitlin, Cisco, Wells and Ralph need to have lives outside of Team Flash and S.T.A.R. Labs, both so they become richer characters and so they don’t take away from Barry to make their characters relevant.
  •      S.T.A.R. Labs needs to die. Sorry not sorry.
  •      Diversity. Diversity, diversity, diversity. Did I mention diversity?

Whatever happened to the Fastest Man Alive? As you can see, it’s hard to explain in just a few sentences. But hopefully, he – and the show – can get back up to speed again.

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