Neflix’s ‘Lost in Space’ Renewed for Season 2

lost in space will robot

The Robinson family will be returning to Netflix. Early this morning, the news was made official on Twitter: Lost in Space has been renewed for a second season. Netflix has yet to give any hints on a possible release date, but in light of so many cancellations in the past week, we’ll take this bit of good news. It’s really no surprise that Lost in Space has earned a renewal—the science fiction adventure series was met with shocked favorable reviews and became one of Netflix’s highest rated shows, garnering 6.3 million viewers in its first three days.

The end of the first season wrapped up one story arc then dove headfirst into a whole set of new problems for the Robinsons. No spoilers here, but Lost in Space left an intriguing cliffhanger with plenty of mystery to build from, and we’re excited to see where it leads the family (and Don West and his chicken pal, Debbie…and yes, even Dr. Smith) next. If you haven’t seen the series yet, it’s well worth a weekend of binge watching.