REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E10 – Past Life

Wow, I…

I’m still not even sure I can breathe after that one.

It’s too bad Elena couldn’t have been there to see Flint do his thing, too. She would have been proud.

So. Um. Yeah. I was totally wrong about the identity of Kasius’s seer. I think everyone was. (If you can find someone online who guessed it was going to be poor, tortured, repeatedly-killed-and-revived Yo-Yo, do let me know!). Now Elena – or ‘past life’ Elena, anyway – is definitely in the running for Worst Life Ever on this show. Also, Mack’s reaction to watching her die? Just killed me. I’m so, so glad that it wasn’t our timeline’s Yo-Yo who Kasius slaughtered so brutally, though I’ll be sure to add that that scene was incredibly violent and distressing. That said, raise your hand if you didn’t cheer or exult in some other way when Jemma got there just in time to do to Kasius what he did to her and so many others. Awwww yeah, Jemma. I will not grieve his (very bloody and violent) death, either.

I’m kind of disappointed that we won’t get to see what sort of person Deke would have been, either in the past (our present) or in the ‘current’ era. Jeff Ward as part of the cast will be missed, definitely. And of course I’m glad he went out like a hero, even if he couldn’t “save the weird robot thing” first. You’ll be missed, too, Enoch. But there was clearly something there between Deke and Daisy, and I’m sure they both would have preferred to have the time to explore it a bit.

Speaking of Daisy, it shouldn’t have been surprising to either May or Coulson that Daisy would make the decision she did in this ep. She’s always had a tendency toward taking on guilt and trying to deal with problems by herself. And while I can’t really disagree with Coulson’s decision to knock her out and take her back to the past against her will (no way was the show going to leave one of its best and strongest characters out of the main timeline, after all), I do agree with May that it’ll be a while before Daisy forgives him. Unless he starts noticeably dying very soon, of course. Impending death tends to make people willing to reconcile. That’s not to say I’m even remotely okay with the idea of Coulson dying again, though! Hashtag Coulson Lives, and hashtag Don’t Kill Him Again, You Jerks.

Flint’s assembling of the Monolith was pretty cool, as was his grand space entrance using the boulders. I like Flint. Once again, I’m sorry he won’t be joining the rest of the SHIELD team (especially Mack and Elena) back in the past, though no doubt he’ll do well among the survivors at the Lighthouse. Even aside from literally putting the world back together, he and Tess will be there for each other.

The family that ices together… um.

On the subject of Tess, I was very pleased that this ep allowed a moment for Coulson to commiserate with and encourage Tess about the ordeal they’ve both been through. That was well done, and would have been bad continuity to skip.

As for the ending, talk about unsatisfying! If I hadn’t gone and immediately found the promo for the next ep, I would’ve felt like exploding. (Spoilers from that promo: Mack, Elena, and Jemma made it back with everyone else). But now we have to wait until March 2 to find out what happens once they get back! Will Yo-Yo confront Coulson and the others with what she’s found out? Will Jemma and Fitz tell everyone else about their engagement? How are they all going to escape from the law enforcement that are after them? Ugh, March seems so far away.